1 Mario Poceski Mindfulness, Cultural Appropriation, and the Global Diffusion of Buddhist Contemplative Practices P1
2 Tony See Sin Heng A Comparative Study of Mahāyāna and Theravāda Buddhist Meditation: Reading Chih-I’s Moho Chih-Kuan and Buddhaghosa’s Visuddhimagga P16
3 Marc Wittmann Altered States of Conscious Self and Time During Meditation P27
4 Geoffrey Samuel Buddhist Meditation and Western Science: Progress Towards Mutual Understanding P40
5 Huimin Bhikshu An Examination of the Meaning of “Mātra” in Relation to Buddhist Meditation in the Yogācāra School P51
6 Ngar-sze Lau Hybrid Form of Buddhist Meditation Practice in Contemporary China: Discussing the Case of Mahasati Dynamic Meditation P64
7 Brooke Schedneck Meditation Methods in Thailand: A Map of the Field of Practice from Meditation Centers to the Forest Tradition P80
8 Wimal Hewamanage Utility of Mindfulness of Death for Efficacious Being P93
9 Greg Wilkinson The Influence of Sheng-Yen’s Lay Disciples in the Growth of Buddhist Meditation in the United States P103
10 Call for Papers P117
11 征稿啟事 P118
12 Submission Guidelines P119
13 投稿要求 P121
14 《禪與人類文明研究》期刊統一編輯體例 P123